Written by a patient at Royal Sussex County Hospital

Rated 5.0 out of 5
March 11, 2020

After suffering from lower back pain for some 10 years I was delighted that I met Mr Morassi. He took great care to explain what was wrong with me and the range of possible treatments that were available.

I was diagnosed with a Grade 1 Antherolisthesis and Mr Morassi explained at great length the treatment that I would undergo and the likely prognosis. At all times he was most reassuring and went to extra pains to let know only me but my wife and relatives. Post operation I was amazed that I saw Mr Morassi at least once a day and I honestly believed that he really cared. He has very strong interpersonal skills as well as his obvious technical ability.

I have since seen Mr Morassi twice since the operation and I am glad to say all is going well. I owe Mr Morassi and the staff at Brighton and Sussex Hospital a huge vote of thanks – they have changed my life – than you!.

My only reservation is the department seems to have the most awful admin support.

Written by a patient at Royal Sussex County Hospital